#6-Ellis REBT - 1. Alison Gilbert Coun 230 October 15, 2007...

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Alison Gilbert Coun 230 October 15, 2007 1. Human Nature: People are guided into action by emotions which are a result of rational and irrational thought process. Albert Ellis encouraged people to examine their mental thought processes to understand if they are based on reality; or if they are irrational thoughts which come from ideas of how things should be . 2. Mental/emotional illness and psychological dysfunction happen when irrational emotions are pinned onto events. Anxious people, for example, worry irrationally about what will happen if they make a mistake, then intensifying this emotion by feeling upset that they are worrying. Depressive emotions are a result of feelings which attach self- worth to the result of everything from success on a test to the failure of a relationship. Ellis defined two categories of emotional disturbance: ego disturbance and discomfort disturbance. Ego disturbance being the result of having failed some demand set for ones’ self- comparing yourself to others mostly being an irrational experience (imagine, the “other” many times being a global “other”). Discomfort disturbance is the emotional upset caused by situations which are uncomfortable: where the messy house, the blackout from not paying the PGE bill or the sloppy children might cause a reaction
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#6-Ellis REBT - 1. Alison Gilbert Coun 230 October 15, 2007...

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