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Alison Gilbert Coun 230 October 3, 2007 Existential Theory 1. Human Nature The fundamental and meaningful questions about why we are here, what we can do, and when we should do it can also be the most debilitating aspects of our lives. The existential theorists remind us that the fear of death is potent and ever-present. Death anxiety can work as a positive or negative force in our lives, scared to move forward, or chasing ahead of life. 2. Mental/emotional illness and psychological dysfunction happen when 3. Wellness Working with a counselor, a person can develop a heightened sense of awareness,
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Unformatted text preview: courage to live, to take responsibility for good and bad decisions. It is a sad state of being to waste a life on earth by being worried and anxious about living, better to have understanding of life that accepts the positives . 4. How does the counselor intervene … what is helpful about treatment? The therapeutic relationship is important in Alderian theory: the first step in most Alderian-influenced theorists (for example, Glasser’s and Evans’ writings on assisting troubled students, emphasize encouragement every step of interaction.) 5. Limitations...
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