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#3-- alder - extremely prevalent and the feeling of social...

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Alison Gilbert Coun 230 September 18, 2007 Alderian Analytical Theory 1. Human Nature Alder had much interest in human development; and innovated ideas for student education and community involvement in the schools. He was interested in having children and families in group conversation at community centers. Alder emphasized a kind of Social Darwinism, where people’s best interests usually run in mine with the group interest. Qualities that are good for the group: such as cooperation, participation, and selflessness are also qualities which help an individual stay active and happy. 2. Mental/emotional illness and psychological dysfunction happen when When an individual becomes at all cut of from society, you can see some psychosis developing. If the mental disconnect is severe, a feeling of social inferiority is
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Unformatted text preview: extremely prevalent, and the feeling of social uselessness prevails. Neurosis can work in a positive way, where the person will cut him or herself away from society by focusing on a kind of social “domination,”, and possibly become successful in career endeavors; but the opposite is more common, where the person feels cut off from general society and friends and family, and turns to drinking, drugging, alcoholism or any other life-damaging neurosis. 3. Wellness 4. How does the counselor intervene … what is helpful about treatment? The therapeutic relationship is important in Alderian theory: the first step in most Alderian-influenced theorists (for example, Glasser’s and Evans’ writings on assisting troubled students, emphasize encouragement every step of interaction.) 5. Limitations...
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#3-- alder - extremely prevalent and the feeling of social...

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