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Policy - Internal business communication(150 points submit...

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Internal business communication (150 points) submit as a group project after sharing in class Memo, instruction, and policy statement (50 points each) will be attached to separate postings by one group member. Policy statement. Policy statements guide or clarify for employees the requirements, guidelines, rules, or options (often with "if this, then that" statements). Policy statements often guide decision making. In business, multiple policies are written to handle a variety of events that may occur in one area. For instance, many programs at UWP require internships. Students frequently find a temporary job for the summer. When students realize they need to earn internship credit on-the-job, they often ask if a previous summer job can count for the internship experience. A policy statement dictates how this request is handled: Students may not count internship hours for credit until they are actually registered for the
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