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Daniel Carter Jason Beyersdorff, TA PSCI 2004 – 016 February 5, 2008 Reading Response #2 In James Madison’s Federalist Paper #10, he discusses what he called “factions” of men. I interpreted the factions to be different groups of people that are banded together by some sort of similarity, whether it is interest, work, rebellion, or something else. It was hard for me to pinpoint and interpret what exactly Madison was trying to say about factions and their relation to the state. One of Madison’s first points he discusses is the control of a faction by the state. He basically says that in order to control a faction the government must either destroy its causes or its effects on the state itself. This point was quite enticing to me. Why must the state control the faction at all if it is a free one? Why would it be desirable for the government to practice this control? Is it even possible for the state to gain this magnitude of control, where destroying causes and effects are the only real ways of
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