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Cognitive Development o Schemas – are mental molds into which we pour our experience o Assimilate – we interpret new experiences in terms of our current understanding o Accommodation – adapting one’s current understandings to incorporate new information Piaget’s Theory and Current Thinking o Cognition – refers to all the mental activities associated with thinking, knowing, remembering and communicating o Sensorimotor stage Birth – 2 Object permanence- the awareness the objects continue to exist when not perceived o Preoperational Stage 2 – 6 Do not yet comprehend the mental operations of concrete logic but begin to use language Conservation – the principle that quantity stays the same despite changes in shape
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Unformatted text preview: o Egocentrism Everyone views the world the same way the child does and through their eyes exactly o Theory of mind Peoples ideas about their own and others mental states about their feelings, perceptions, and thoughts and the behavior these might predict Autism a disorder that appears in childhood and is marked by deficient communication, social interaction, and understanding of others states of mind o Concrete operational stage 7 11 Understand conservation and math o Formal operational stage 12 and up Hypothetical propositions and deduce consequences Reflecting on Piagets Theory o Controversial most believe development is more gradual...
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