law2.9.19.06 - Law/society Lecture 2 September 19, 2006...

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Lecture 2 September 19, 2006 Course website 1: (lectures will be posted in the announcements/handouts section until the end of the first term) Course website 2: (will be used next term as ccnet will be phased out) Rules and Law - focus on the power of the law and the institutional nature of those rules sociological question - who am I? who are we? who are they? o What is the nature of our social connections? How are we connected to each other o Includes people who do not fit in why not? What are the boundaries between them and us? o Main focus on who we are and how we connect to other people, the nature and strength of that connection o Who we are? What makes us social? What keeps us together? How does the law connect with our social life? I.e. what part does gay marriage have in Canadian society? Should it be accepted? Is it connected to fundamental values? o Canadian values are based on this idea of tolerance and acceptance o What are the forces that keep us together? What role does law play? Does law make us Canadian or grow out of our being Canadian? A sociological answer to the above questions - What keeps us together are rules that limit how far we can go, must be understood if we want to be part of the social o There are disagreements about the power and influence of these rules Rules and conformity - …the study of “rule” breaking and reaction to “rule” breaking o many different ideas about the definition of rules - key focal questions o what is a rule? o
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law2.9.19.06 - Law/society Lecture 2 September 19, 2006...

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