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practice exam 2 - CHEMISTRY 1111 Dr Bierbaum Dr Hendrickson...

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CHEMISTRY 1111 HOUR EXAM II Fall 2007 Dr. Bierbaum October 18 Dr. Hendrickson PLEASE READ THIS COVER PAGE AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. DO NOT OPEN THE EXAM UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO. On the computer graded answer sheet, enter your name and student identification number in the appropriate boxes. Enter the number of your lab section in the four columns at the upper left of the sheet. (Use a zero before the lab section number - for example, section 231 is written as 0231.) Then fill in the corresponding bubbles below your name, ID number, and lab section. Answer all questions on the computer graded answer sheets by filling in the proper bubble with a No. 2 pencil. If you change an answer, erase the undesired mark thoroughly. Mark only the best answer to each question. Programmable calculators are not permitted during the exam. A Periodic Table with atomic numbers and masses is printed on the back of this cover sheet. There are 4 exam pages (double-sided) with 20 questions. When you are instructed to begin the exam, please check that you have all pages. Good luck! Useful Information: Gas Constant R = 0.0821 atm L mol –1 K –1 1 atm = 760 torr = 760 mmHg Heat capacity = q/ Δ T Specific heat capacity = c = q/(m· Δ T) Specific heat capacity of water c = 4.184 J/g·K Speed of light c = 3.00 x 10 8 m/s Planck’s Constant h = 6.626 x 10 –34 J·s Rydberg Constant R = 1.097 x 10 7 m –1 Rydberg equation: 1/ λ = R(1/n 1 2 – 1/n 2 2 ) Solubility Rules for Ionic Compounds in Water Soluble Ionic Compounds Insoluble Ionic Compounds 1. All common compounds of Group 1A ions (Li + , Na + , 1. All common metal hydroxides are insoluble, except K + , etc.) and ammonium ion (NH 4 + ) are soluble. those of Group 1A and the larger members of Group 2A (beginning with Ca 2+ ). 2. All common nitrates (NO
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practice exam 2 - CHEMISTRY 1111 Dr Bierbaum Dr Hendrickson...

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