law9.11.7.06 - Law/society Lecture 9 November 7, 2006...

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Law/society Lecture 9 November 7, 2006 Consensus vs. conflict approaches: two competing views of law and society Consensus based on Durkheim, Conflict based on Marx Consensus - Socioeconomic conditions, environment, psychology, etc. o Power grows out of socioeconomic conditions o Crime and rule-breaking behaviour also grows out of social institutional issues o Socioeconomic conditions responsible for the formation of laws, what appears in codes, administration of law, etc o Determine what is acceptable in terms of punishment Sanctions can be used instrumentally by policy-makers to try to control instances of problematic behaviour Conflict - Socioeconomic conditions o In the Marxist view, power determined who has power Socioeconomic impacts power o Later perspectives argue that power determines the socioeconomic conditions Radical (modern) conflict perspective argues that power determines socioeconomic positions Power and socioeconomic conditions have a reciprocal relationship o The Marxist perspective claims that power strongly influences law o Law influences sanctions, which in turn influence criminal/rule-breaking o Radical approaches to Marxist theory suggest a direct link between socioeconomic environment and crime Those with influence want to see crimes happen as it benefits them I.e. Mexico and drug traffickers the country makes a lot
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law9.11.7.06 - Law/society Lecture 9 November 7, 2006...

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