law7.10.24.06 - Law and society Lecture 7 Social systems...

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Law and society Lecture 7 October 24, 2006 Social systems AGIL System - Adaption - Goal Attainment - Integration - Latency A G I L A Politi cal G Econ omy I Law L Religi on A Actor G Role I Grou p L Norm A Id G Ego I Super ego L Ego Ideal Cultural Social Psychological/Individual Biological
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- questions that are organized by scholars focus on a tradition o three types of traditions structural functionalism/consensus/positivism way of analysing the world one that other sociologists who try to be systematic disagree with the above diagram is a functionalist perspective important in the sociology of law conflict/Marxist power drives everything, and that is all we need to focus on o making someone do something and how it works, who is behind it a reaction to functionalist theory o what is it that makes us follow rules? What is the purpose of rules? How do rules deal with diversity and change o systematically providing answers gives us terms that take on a particular meaning and are organized in a certain way based on the approach - goes back to work of Talcott Parsons o Parsons began by looking at the psychological organism (the individual) Why does an individual follow rules? How is one connected to society? Started with Freud How did Freud explain an individual role in the world? o Four components in an individual Id Adaptive mechanism o Allows for change, new things/directions Ego Contains the goals and actions of the individual as seen by the outside world Representation to external world Superego
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law7.10.24.06 - Law and society Lecture 7 Social systems...

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