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midterm 1 soc - Immigrants and Their Struggles When someone...

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Immigrants and Their Struggles When someone thinks about living and working in the United States, he or she wants to be a part of the American Dream. This idea has attracted many immigrants to start a fresh new life in the “land of opportunities.” Some push factors that cause people to migrate out of their country include “demographic growth, low living standards, lack of economic opportunities, political repression, war, and also natural hazards like the potato famine in Ireland” (lecture, Oct 10). On the other hand, some pull factors that attract immigrants to move to America include “demand of labor, availability of land, good economic opportunities, political freedom, better education, medical care and political stability” (lecture, Oct 10). However, throughout American history, immigrants had to work harder than natural-born citizens in order to get a job. Furthermore, they were often stereotyped and discriminated because of their different culture and religious practices. While large-scale immigration created many social tensions, the newcomers helped transform American society and culture, demonstrating that diversity, as well as unity, is a source of national strength. Nevertheless, today immigration is in great controversy because some citizens believe that these migrants might revoke the American Dream by introducing increased crowding, taxes, social conflicts and pollution as well as limiting the future possibilities for the natives and their posterity. Throughout this nation, we use the term ‘nativism’ to differentiate between natural- born Americans and first-generation immigrants from another country. Nativism may be used to describe individuals or groups who believe in the opposite of multiculturism- “an ideology advocating that society should consist of, or at least allow and include, distinct cultural groups with equal status” (Lecture, Oct 17). This intolerance is due to the fact that there are threats from immigrants such as language, jobs, pay-scales, control of the government,
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control of borders, moral values, and loyalties to racial and ethnic groups. It is not surprising that many nativists are from developed countries because they resent the idea of competition from citizens of a less-industrialized nation. They justify their positions by stating that
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midterm 1 soc - Immigrants and Their Struggles When someone...

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