12.03.07 Brazil Cont

12.03.07 Brazil Cont - Café com Leite(agreement between...

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Brazil Cont’ 12.03.07 Bribery scandal Congress man, Roberto Jefferson, caught receiving bribe through a journalist’s tape; he points fingers and it is concluded that Lula is bribing many congressmen in order to pass bills Mensalao Jose Genoino caught with embezzled money in underwear Other developments End of party-switching Reforming electoral system Congress investigates corruption (Renan Calheiros) Brief political history Beginnings Colonized by Portuguese Discovered by Cabral in 1500 Portuguese crown takes up residence in Brazil (1810) Dom Pedro I declares Brazil independent (1822) Monarchy Dom Joao dies (1826) and Dom Pedro must return to Portugal Dom Pedro II takes the throne (1840) 2 issues that dominated Brazil Republic vs. monarchy Slavery (ended 1898) First Republic and Vargas The First republic 1889-1930 Democratic in sense of constitution but less than 5% of population got to vote
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Unformatted text preview: Café com Leite (agreement between coffee farms, and milk to rotate government roles) Getulio Vargas (1930) Enforces labor laws Providing unemployment support Estado Novo (1937) (translates-new state) Self-coup, authoritarian role Commits suicide in 1954 after being thrown out of power in 1945 The second republic (’46-‘64) Dutra 1946-1950 Vargas 1950-1954 Kubitschek 1956-1960 As bad as vargas Quaros 1961 Worse than vargas Goulart 1961-1964 Military tries to form more of a parliamentary regime to strip power away Dictatorship 21 years Military takes over 1964 Castelistas (1964-1968) Linha Dura (1968-1973) Castelistas (1974-1985) Abertura (translates “the opening”) Tancredo Neves First civilian president Before inauguration becomes sick and dies, vp takes over Constitution 1988...
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12.03.07 Brazil Cont - Café com Leite(agreement between...

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