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racism_respons_paper_1 - Self-Reflection How we Perceive...

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Self-Reflection: How we Perceive Others When taking about race-related content in college courses, students often feel a range of emotional responses to the issue. Personally, I sometimes feel anger, despair and guilt when the professor lectures about the tortures and struggles of immigrants living in America. Fortunately, UC Davis is an institution that respects and celebrates multiculturalism everyday. The campus community “reflects ands is a part of a society compromising of all races, creeds, and social circumstances. In sociology, we will be studying about society’s norms and how it affects other people. The issue that has come up in this week’s lecture, discussion and my personal life is how racism and stereotypes are caused among various ethnicities. During the lecture on immigration and nativism, I was surprised by the many examples of racist acts that were displayed all across the world. Before my sociology class, I actually perceived most of America to be a tolerant country of people with different ethnicities and cultures. However, now I am gradually becoming more
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