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soc final 2 - immigration created many social tensions most...

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When someone thinks about living and working in the United States, he or she wants to be a part of the American Dream. This idea has attracted many immigrants to start a fresh new life in the “land of opportunities.” However, most of the ethnic gtroups are trying their hradest to take advantage of the nation’s demand of labor, availability of land, good economic opportunities, political freedom, better education, medical care and political stability. As a result, the media constantly depicts “inner cities as communities fraught with racial tension, with African Americans pitted against Koreans, Jews, and other immigrant newcomers” (Lee, p. 231). These racial tensions among minority groups still exist because some citizens believe that a certain ethnicity might revoke the American Dream by introducing increased crowding, taxes, social conflicts and pollution as well as limiting the future possibilities for the natives and their posterity. Nevertheless, while large-scale
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Unformatted text preview: immigration created many social tensions, most minority groups helped transform American society and culture, demonstrating that diversity as well as unity are sources of national strength. In Lee’s article called “Forging a Culture of Reciprocity and Respect,” the author emphasizes that the media reinforces racial tensions among minorties. In one example, Lee points out a Korean owner of a clothing boutique, who is prominently known for her compassionate and generous treatment with other races. One day, she went completely out of her way to help a homeless man find a shelter for himself and relocate his sister’s house. He states that the media should report encounters like this so that citizens can learn how to respect others, even if the individuals are of a different race or social standing....
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