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american consumers copy - English 1a American Consumers The...

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English 1a 3/29/07 American Consumers The photograph by David LaChapelle depicts Americans as materialistic, over consumers. The materialistic minds of our nation are hurting our environment. People are preoccupied with buying and consuming instead of recycling and enjoying their surroundings. Our nation fails to notice all of the waste they are producing which could be reduced if only the problem were regarded on a higher level. The picture also reveals that these behaviors of over consumption do not make Americans any happier. People cannot be given true happiness solely from their material possessions. The photograph illustrates a girl lying on a heap of thousands of consumed products spotted with American flags. It resembles a type of trash pile a person would view at a land dump. I interpreted the pile as being her own waste she has produced, which symbolizes the waste and over consumption each American household is producing. It is said that about 4.6 pounds of trash are created each day by a single person in America (Garbage: solid waste). This means that we produce two hundred and thirty million tons of trash each year. Landfills are not the answer for the majority of our trash.
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