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triffles - “ah loyal to your sex I see” These quotes...

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27 March 2008 What does the play argue about : The play is about a murder case where Mrs. Wright is the main suspect for the murder of her husband. Dominant male, subservient woman, abusive marriage. Marriage? According to the characters side conversations, the marriage is an unhappy one. “you mean they didn’t get on very well”(634). Their marriage is one where the male is dominant and the female subservient. Oppression (in any) of its three forms ? In the play, external oppression is present. Gender is the conflicting variable; it is Man vs. Woman. The use of this form of oppression is when the County Attorney criticizes Mrs. Wrights cleaning habits and complains about her dirty towels. Mrs. Hale which shows discomfort on the attorneys comment replies, “Those towels get dirty awful quick. Men’s hands aren’t as clean as they might be”. As a reaction to her statement, he replies,
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Unformatted text preview: “ah, loyal to your sex, I see”. These quotes imply that conflict between genders is obvious due to the offensive statements and answers each both male and female provided. Gender rules and stereotypes? It is a man’s world, everything they say goes, and women must follow their orders. Woman’s opinion is not important. Relationship? Solidarity? How does the play make these arguments? Setting Kitchen, house of John Wright Dialogue Side conversations, women silence during men’s presence Men conversing with the sheriff Gestures/nonverbal communication Glances, nervous, concealing information Imagery ( description, symbolism, metaphors, similes A birdcage ruined, women are liken to birds. “men’s hands aren’t as clean as they might be”, the word might in this quote seems as if the men cover each other and wash their crime away easily than a woman would....
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triffles - “ah loyal to your sex I see” These quotes...

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