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Journal 9 copy - English 1a Journal 9 The Giver Importance...

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English 1a 4/2/07 Journal 9 The Giver: Importance of pain Pain is an essential quality in a human’s life. Without pain we would not be able to survive in our world. If we could not feel pain we would not know if something was hurting our body. For example if a person touches a hot stove, it hurts so we remove our hand. We are able to learn from that experience of pain and know not to ever touch a hot stove again. It is a way of learning to protect ourselves. Pain not only teaches us how to stay away from danger but it also gives us wisdom. In The Giver’s community they were not allowed to feel pain. The contrast between Jonas’s development and the other children growing up in the community was extremely different. He was forced to feel pain and the others were sheltered from truly knowing what pain felt like. Jonas grew to become a strong individual and his ignorance to pain and the true world around him was shattered. He understood what suffering meant and started to appreciate the world more than he had before. He now knew what war was
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