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Biographical essay 1 english 1a ms hindman

Biographical essay 1 english 1a ms hindman - Daniel Uribe...

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Daniel Uribe September 16, 2007 English 1A Mrs. Hindman Mi Tio Juancho My uncle, Juan Jose Uribe, was born on January 6 1971, in Colombia. He is the most intellectual member of my immediate family-- mastered three languages, and graduated with honors as an industrial engineer. Ironically, he has had the most unfortunate luck in perusing his aspirations and unleashing his career potential. His unshakable determination for pursuing the American dream and his over the top selflessness have not only caused personal conflicts, but also gotten in the way of his success as a professional. At a very young age Juan showed a strong interest in education. By five, he had already taught himself how to read from a dictionary. Ironically, he did not attend the first four years of elementary school, as he enjoyed studying on his own. According to Luz (my aunt), her brother would show up the first day of school to write down the names of needed textbooks. With the titles of the books, his mother was able to buy them for him. He would then study these books alone and only attend class when there was a test, surprisingly acing them all. His teachers, particularly in math, noticed this peculiar behavior, and would try to talk him into attending class regularly. “It was odd; teachers would randomly show up with fruit, trying to convince him to go school,” Explained Luz. One of the reasons behind their persistence was that when they were successful, teachers would use him as their little henchman. Whenever kids were confused by the teacher’s complex words, Juan would explain things in a way his peers could understand. Because of this, teachers loved him,
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and even though he rarely showed up to class, they always passed him to the next level.
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