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Term Paper —English 1B (Research Component) Dr. Leiby Spring 2008 For Essay #4 (the Term Paper), I strongly suggest that you revise one of your earlier essays, or perhaps even one of your essay responses on the mid-term exam or the close reading you did in an exercise, reshaping it into a research-oriented paper on literature. The term paper can be either: 1) a revision and expansion of one of the first three short analysis papers (genre essays), incorporating research, or 2) you may write on Frankenstein or one of the literary texts you did not write on earlier in the semester, combining a close reading of the text with an incorporation of research. For the essay, you must incorporate either literary criticism (in books or articles) or biographical information (from books or articles) into your essay. (You may, of course, include both literary criticism and biography, but this approach is certainly not required.) While the thesis of your essay might not engage directly with your research, your essay must incorporate research in some significant way . You might include biographical information, for example, to interpret certain images or symbolism in a literary work, arguing perhaps from a psychoanalytic or feminist perspective that the symbolism relates to some significant event in the author’s life. Or you might compare to your own interpretation the way one or more literary critics interpret a work, perhaps even arguing that your interpretation is more valid. Or you could use points made by literary critics to support your own argument about a literary text. Historical, sociological, or political research might also be appropriate; however, you must include biography or literary criticism as well. (Most research
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essay4_english1b_spring2008 - Term Paper-English...

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