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English 1a 3/20/07 Journal 3 The Sanctuary of School By: Lynda Barry Responding in writing Q: Has school been a sanctuary for you as it was for Barry? Write a paragraph or two in which you answer this question School has been the opposite of a sanctuary for me. It has been more of a prison where the teachers and administration are on a power trip trying to force children to do whatever they want. I have always felt trapped in school. I use to look out of the windows longingly wishing I could be on the sidewalk outside of the school gates looking in. I could feel my mood lift just walking out of those school gates everyday. I would immediately get this huge smile on my face and this great feeling of relief. The difference between Lynda Barry and me: My teachers did not seem to want to help me. My teachers seemed to look longingly out the windows as I did everyday. The teachers were not motivated and taught the same types of lessons day after day. Read, listen, respond, homework. It was always the same and I knew nothing exciting was ever going to
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