Biographical Essay Version 2 Diwa's story

Biographical Essay Version 2 Diwa's story - Deans 1 Lame...

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Deans 1 Lame Girls Deans February 18, 2007 English 1a Diwa My cousin Diwa Fahim was born on January 29, 1985 in Afghanistan. During her stay in Afghanistan she faced an immense amount of physical abuse and was forced to deal with the constant war between the Sunni and Shiite Muslims. Terror was everywhere during her youth. Diwa not only faced her abusive father and the everyday terror in her country, but later a life of insecurity and discrimination. The struggles and hardships she experienced throughout her life molded her into the giving, warm-hearted, non-religious person she is today. The ongoing conflict between the Sunni and Shiite Muslims was too great of a danger for their family and they wished to get out of Afghanistan .Diwa lived with her abusive father in Afghanistan while her mother and brother attempted to establish a life for their family in Sweden. Diwa and her father lived alone in a small humble house. A typical day for Diwa included a beating from her father, hard labor, chores, occasionally school, and bomb explosions which ignited only blocks away from her house. At night she would sit on her porch and watch the black haze of ashes steal the beauty of the orange and pink swirl of clouds in the sky. Diwa sustained many bruises and injuries from her father who suffered from alcoholism. “He was never sober and always took his anger out on me”, stated Diwa. Due to the extreme physical abuse from her father, Diwa suffered from vaginal prolapse, a condition where the uterus falls out of
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Deans 2 place and may hang out of the vagina opening. She was forced to wait a year before having reconstructive surgery due to her parents’ financial situation. “Every day of my life I prayed he would die”, said Diwa. She got her wish when she was only nine years of age. Her father was shot in the head in front of her by Shiite rebels. She stood there
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Biographical Essay Version 2 Diwa's story - Deans 1 Lame...

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