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Unformatted text preview: English 1a 3/20/07 Journal 7 Who Cares About The Renaissance? By: Leslie Brown Responding to Writing Q: In choosing your major, do you think you will be influenced primarily by love of your subject or by your need to find employment? Choosing my major has been a very difficult task. I am torn between the question above “by love….or by your need to find employment”. When I was younger I always planned on having a job that would earn me a lot of money. I wanted to be like my parents who earned money and were able to own a house and buy materialistic things. I have grown up for the most part always being able to buy what I wanted or receive things from my parents. I planned on being a surgeon, a doctor, or an anesthesiologist, even though I am squeamish when it comes to needles or blood, I was sure I would grow up to be one of these. The only reason was that they earned a lot of money. Thinking about it now, all of those extra years of studying, the blood, the injection of medicine, handling a...
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