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stereotype (1b) copy - Dr. Leiby English 1B April 16, 2008...

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Dr. Leiby English 1B April 16, 2008 Stereotypes Different cultures are often stereotyped and categorized. Some people create stereotypes about cultures and do not bother to change their opinion. Once they have a certain perspective on a culture, they keep it and ignore anything that could possibly help change their perspective. The play “Los Vendidos”, by Luis Valdez is a perfect example of how stereotype is currently present and constantly being used. The play shows four different characters of Mexican backgrounds being stereotyped and not being wanted because of the stereotypes they fall into. The four characters are the farm worker, Johnny, the Revolucionario which in English means the Revolutionary, and the Mexican American. Each character is stereotyped in their own different way because of their Mexican background. The person in the play that is stereotyping them is a Mexican American female secretary, which represents white Americans. The secretary is looking for someone who can easily fit in with white Americans with no problem. She is engaging in a conversation with another character named Sancho. Sancho is the person that is selling each character to the secretary. White Americans stereotype and underestimate what people of Mexican backgrounds are able to do. The first character that is stereotyped is the farm worker. The stereotypes that the secretary makes about him are: he is good for is work, he works for cheap pay, does not speak any English, he is only worth pennies, and that he can keep on going all day with beans and tortillas. Sancho mentions, “Pennies a day is all it takes. One plate of beans and tortillas will keep him going all day. That, and chile. Plenty of chile” (Valdez 814). To the secretary, the farm
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worker is not worth much. He is only worth pennies and all he needs to survive and keep on going is a plate of beans. The value of what the farm worker is worth is measured in money, but
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stereotype (1b) copy - Dr. Leiby English 1B April 16, 2008...

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