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Journal 8 copy - English 1a Journal 8 The Giver The nature...

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English 1a 4/2/07 Journal 8 The Giver: The nature of memory Memory is very important in a person’s life. It not only allows them to contain their past events in their lives but it also allows them to learn from those past events. Humans learn from past mistakes of their own and others. Returning to these old memories is a way for us to choose other way to react to situations. When people have bad experiences or rough lives the memories of those events help us become stronger people. We are able to refer back to those to help us in the future. An example of this in the Giver community would be when Jonas re-played memories of courage in his mind when he ran away from his community. He used the past memories to guide him in his future. He had seen what the people before him had been through in their experience and it made him strong enough to move further and further away from the community. If a person had no memory they might keep making the same mistakes. For an
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