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English 1a 4/2/07 The Myth of the Cave Q: In what way does the allegory of the cave present Socrates’ ideas about education? Socrates is certainly criticizing education with the allegory of the cave. He is saying that education and experience should be taught throughout a person’s life. He is saying that a person should not be sheltered from the world and learning experiences they should be exposed to it from the beginning. “And you may further imagine that his instructor is pointing to the objects as they pass and requiring him to name them—will he not be perplexed?”(Plato 2). This quote can be related to school’s. Students that were not exposed to experience to the outside world will be confused when they finally graduate. They will be lost without their comfortable desk ignorant of the world outside of them without any skills to survive. They will be lost just as a the man coming out of the cave
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Unformatted text preview: would be lost and confused. Socrates seemed to believe that knowledge and experience was the most important tool in a person’s life. He also believed that a person could only learn wisdom and knowledge if they truly desired it. The people who do not have the desire will not be able to see the true beauty. The people from the Giver community were not able to have wisdom or knowledge because they were suppressed and did not desire to have knowledge. They were not able to look outside of themselves or their small safe community to ever wonder about “elsewhere” as Jonas did. The key to education is to experience as much as a person can, to not be ignorant and to have an open mind. The most important key as Socrates’ stated is to always question and have the desire to learn more and experience more....
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