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English 1a 3/20/07 Journal 4 School Is Bad For Children By: John Holt 3. In paragraph 13, Holt says, “Let’s get rid of all this nonsense of grades, exams, marks.” Do you agree? What would be the advantages and disadvantages of this course of action? I agree with Holt to a certain extent. I do believe that schools focus on grading, tests, and exams more than they should. They are not needed as often as they are used in schools, especially not at the elementary and middle school level. They falsely represent a child’s knowledge. I do believe they are needed seldom to measure how much a person knows about important information. Once a person moves onto the specialization of skills in college they would need to be tested on the information given to prove they truly know the profession or the subject. I believe that tests and exams would be easier if the teachers taught more with experience, visitors, and movies than with text book reading. It would allow the students to better remember material rather than from reading a book, which
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