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English 1a Journal 1 My Father’s Life by Raymond Carver 3. What does Carver finally come to realize about his father, and about himself? After Carver’s father died he realized that he did not know or understand his father. In the end of “My Father’s Life” Carver stares at a picture of his father to try and discover more about the man he had lived with during his childhood, and also about himself and the connection between them. “I looked at it carefully from time to time trying to figure out some things about my dad, and maybe about myself in the process” (Carver 51). Carver realized he never knew who his father truly was as he looked at the old picture his mother had given him. No extra knowledge or memories came out of the picture no matter how many times he stared or studied it. He knew plenty of facts and events that took place in his father’s life, but nothing about his emotions or how he viewed things.
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