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Education Essay Version 2

Education Essay Version 2 - Lauren Deans English 1a The...

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Lauren Deans 3/8/07 English 1a The Education Revolution The key to receiving a good education in high school is more than simply learning skills such as: memorizing information for tests, and obtaining good grades. Those skills will only get a person so far in today’s society, which has drastically changed over the past decades. Daniel H. Pink says, “We are living in a free agent nation” (113). By this he refers to millions of people becoming self- employed, and becoming entrepreneurs. If children are to achieve a good education in our nation today it is essential for them to acquire specialized skills. Experience outside of school, an open curriculum, and less standardized testing would allow a student to successfully prepare themselves for their future lives and careers. Even though the specialization of skills has become necessary in our nation and work environment, our children’s schools are still teaching generalized education. Throughout high school many of my teachers would constantly repeat, “Our job is to prepare you for college, and your future life.” Since leaving high school, I am even more confused about my future career and major. There was all of one program for the specialization of skills at my high school called SCROC, which allowed students to learn skills in certain topics such as: media/ arts, business, engineering, and agriculture. It was located on a separate campus, miles away, and did not have a respected reputation. The teachers referred to it as the “easy way out”, or “for the failures”. In this case, high school
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has turned out to discourage students from obtaining additional skill. The failure of the
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Education Essay Version 2 - Lauren Deans English 1a The...

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