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Pineda Writers name: Anais Editors Name: Daniel Uribe Key: 1. Site Sources 2. Take out or consider revision (add ins) 3. My comments Textbooks have been around ever since writing and schools have existed. The difference was that before the invention in the mid fifteenth century of Johann Gutenberg’s movable type printing, textbooks were either on papyrus, pamphlets or scrolls, among other ancient methods people had to keep records of information. When The United States won its independence, a decision was made to start printing books locally in order to replace those books that had been brought from England. Noah Webster introduced his “speller, grammar, and reader” and that included The United States history, writings and its geography. Slowly, as various countries stopped being European colonies, new books had to be published presenting local history and eliminating phrases that represented the Colonists oppression (Encyclopedia of Education). Try to start with a hook. Something that is Eye catching and is going to make me want to keep reading. The first paragraph are just boring facts. You should only present the audience with these facts if they are supporting an argument. So try to state the issue along with both the con and pro opinion on first paragraph then take a side. It should be clear by the end of the first paragraph where you stand on the issue. SAVE THE FACTS FOR LATER!!! Textbooks are very powerful; they serve to represent a society’s ideologies, the beliefs they have and what they envision for their future. What to include in modern textbooks has become a source of conflict, especially in schools and school libraries. Certain conservative 1
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Pineda pressure groups decide that the content of a specific book is inadequate for the students to study because it contains some sexual content or racial issues or because of controversial religious material. Textbooks were made with the purpose to teach young students and to prepare them for the future. Relevant terms such as sex, race or religion cannot be excluded from books just because certain complaints of some groups argue against the content of the book. A federal appeals court describes it as “a violation to the First Amendment rights to receive information.” We are all free to learn and know every piece of information that is being offered to us through textbooks. I merged the second and third paragraphs, and think this should be the first paragraph! If you find an example of a racy textbook that cause controversy it would work really well as your hook! People have claimed that some books that are assigned in schools for students to read contain discriminatory phrases that might affect a student of a certain background in a negative way and might even be offensive, or promote racial discrimination. People feel that they have to censor this so-called racist content in order to protect their children from racial harassment. They argue that some of these books contain imagery and phrases that are offensive and can only harm
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Anais's peer reviewed essay ms. hindmans 08 - Pineda 1...

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