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12.05.07 Brazil cont

12.05.07 Brazil cont - Brazil cont 12.05.07 Dependence...

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Brazil cont’ 12.05.07 Dependence Theory Modernization Theory Post WWII W. W. Rostow – theory of economic development Every economy in world go through process of stages Traditional society No markets, traditional/tribal governing Pre-takeoff Development of markets, roads, agricultural tools/technology Takeoff Surplus of agricultural goods leads to Industrial growth & movement into cities Road to maturity Production of consumer products Society of mass consumption Ultimate goal of development Democracy Modernization as political development Seymour Martin Lipset Political development would proceed in stages in lock step with Rostow’s stages Towards end of stages= more education, which means less subservient Political institutions would evolve from a traditional orientation to more differentiated structures (separation of powers, checks and balances, etc.) Many found insulting that end of process would lead to identical US Raul Prebisch Theory of unequal exchange
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