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English 1a 4/2/07 Journal 9 The Giver: Importance of Individuality Trying to suppress individuality as they did in the giver is a result of control. Uniqueness and individuality gives a person their own character and most importantly allows them to make their own unique choices. If everything was the same then there would be less choices for a person to make in life which may make it less likely for them to make the wrong decision. This is what they wanted to accomplish in the Giver community. They were afraid of people making their own choices so they made choices for everyone such as: clothes according to age, choice of career, when child is allowed to ride a bike, and how many children a family can have. This does not work in the real world. People cannot learn or develop their minds if they are not allowed to make wrong choices. They will not be able to learn from their mistakes which will suppress their wisdom and experience in life.
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Unformatted text preview: Individuality is generally important in life because it allows a person to succeed more than others. If everyone were the same, life would not only be boring, but there would be no competition of any sort. This seems like a good idea but how can a society advance in technology or medicine if there is no competition? Our world runs on competition; it is what makes people work harder in life. They want to accomplish their goal before they are beaten by others. An example of this would be the medical field. People are constantly competing to find certain cures for diseases. Also in technology competitors such as the computer companies Dell and Mac are constantly trying to out beat each other by coming out with the new best product. It advances our technology because each side is constantly trying to advance before the other company. Individuality allows for advances in our world and allows people to make their own choices....
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