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Unformatted text preview: Hernandez 1 Professor Davies English 1A February 1, 2008 Women’s Salary The roles that women play in society are now changing. At first, women were just seen as wives, mothers, and housekeepers. Now, they can also be seen as businesswoman, entrepreneurs, and executives. Their roles are changing, and soon enough there could even be a woman president. There are many barriers that women are breaking. Women have worked hard to get where they are now at, and it is an unfair thing that they earn less money than men, doing the exact same jobs. They have worked very hard to obtain jobs that were done by men, and they are not being rewarded the same way. The perception men have of women has not changed over the years and it is affecting how much money a woman makes. Women are underestimated, and therefore are not judged fairly. Women are taking on jobs that were usually done by men, and although they do the same work, women are earning less money. Men have their own perspective of what a woman should do. They still see woman the same way they saw them fifty years ago. They see them as just housewives looking after their husbands and kids. Men believe that they should be the only provider for the family. They have done it for so many years, that anything different is not easily accepted. Is it as if there was an unwritten law that many American families follow, where the husband goes off to work, the children go off to school, and the wife stays at home cleaning and cooking. If the husband and wife roles were to be switched, then it would somehow diminish a man’s masculinity. Being a man is defined by how capable he is to provide for his wife and children. As women begin to take on jobs, the family begins to change. Men begin to take a different stand and see it as a Hernandez 2 wrong thing to do. Because woman have dedicated themselves to staying at home and looking after their family, work was not important. But when a woman begins the work, the salary she earns is not the same as the salary a man would earn. At first it was unusual for a woman to work, and her low salary was not an important issue. As time went on, the low salary of woman became a bigger issue. Once more and more woman began to work, the issue of low salary became publicly aware. Women have been earning less money than men since they first began to work. The book The Feminine Mystique , by Betty Friedan explores the problems American women were facing during the 1950’s. Although the book focuses on marital and social problems, it has a small section about woman at work. Betty Friedan says, “They couldn’t admit, even to themselves, that they resented being paid half what a man would have been paid for a job” (6). When unequal pay became an issue, women themselves could not admit it. They disliked the fact that they earned only half of what a man earned, but they did not dare admit it. If women themselves could not face that what was going on was wrong, then neither would men. Men saw nothing wrong with face that what was going on was wrong, then neither would men....
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research paper - Hernandez 1 Professor Davies English 1A...

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