Essay #3 ms. hindman's 07 english 1a

Essay #3 ms. hindman's 07 english 1a - Daniel Uribe 10 8 07...

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Daniel Uribe 10 / 8 / 07 English 1A Mrs. Hindman A Good Education The key to receiving a good education is more than just memorizing general information for a test in order to receive passing grades. Doing so will not get a person very far once they exit school, especially in the American society, which has drastically changed over the past decades. As Daniel H. Pink says, “We are living in a free agent nation” (113). By this he refers to the millions of people becoming self- employed entrepreneurs, who in order to do so, follow a passion from childhood. Take Bill Gates for example, a high school drop out who specialized in computer programming, something he felt passionate about and has never stopped doing. Gates is now the wealthiest and considered the most successful man in the world. If children are to receive a good education that will lead to a successful career, it is essential for them to acquire specialized skills in subjects they feel passionate about. Experience outside of school, an open curriculum, and less standardized testing would allow a student to successfully prepare themselves for their future lives and careers. Even though the specialization of skills is necessary for a lucrative career, our children are still being thought general education throughout high school. It is commonly said that high school’s job is to prepare students for college, and life. However, during these years, students are not allowed to choose a path of study that would allow them to prepare for a career. Instead, teachers attempt to nail in the same general information that
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didn’t get through in previous years and leave students with a very vague idea for their future plans. “Since leaving high school, I am even more confused about my major and future career” said Ted, who as college freshman, is for the first time free to choose his
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Essay #3 ms. hindman's 07 english 1a - Daniel Uribe 10 8 07...

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