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advertisement manipulation essay copy - John smith October...

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John smith October 5, 2007 English 1c Mrs. Welsh Advertisements manipulate the desires and fears in American society each day. They prey on the popular cultural beliefs and values and distort the truth of their products. Clinique, a skin care company, appeals to consumers through stereotypical gender fears and desires. The stereotypes depicted influence society to conform to the expected gender behavior. The advertisement reinforces the fear of aging and rejection as well as the desire for acceptance and youthful beauty. Logical fallacies and “weasel words” subliminally fill the lines of the advertisement. False analogies and deceitful remarks are made in subtle ways to avoid prosecution. The company gains trust through their “scientifically” tested and approved products. The myth of absolute science in America assures consumers that the information in the advertisement is credible. Advertisements perpetually manipulate Americans into buying inessential items through their fears and desires. Advertisements influence stereotypes and behavior among society. They are constantly declaring how society should function and think through the words and images they present. Wrinkles, lines, and uneven skin tone are portrayed as unacceptable and embarrassing, when in reality they are natural. The subliminal message communicates that aging is unacceptable and youth is the look to desire. The Clinique advertisement strongly exploits the fears and desires of the stereotypical woman it has created. “Entire
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industries are predicated on the assumption that men and women will continue behaving according to their stereotypes” (Craig). Clinique, which follows Craig’s view on industries, assumes all women are driven to obtain a youthful look which further
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advertisement manipulation essay copy - John smith October...

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