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Book Review - Daniel Carter T.A Daniel Stencel JOUR 2601...

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Daniel Carter T.A. - Daniel Stencel JOUR 2601 12/2/07 Dispatches From The Edge , Anderson Cooper, New York: Harper, 2006. 222 pages. Anderson Cooper’s Dispatches From The Edge is an account of what Cooper has seen in his journey provided by the task of being a journalist, and how those experiences have effected and shaped who he is personally. The book uses journalism to reveal truths and jaw dropping events that Cooper has seen throughout his career. Cooper writes simply, but tells the story with a modest and passionate voice, that can also be seen in his reporting. I think Cooper has a certain demeanor about him that people relate to and appreciate, and this is a large contributor to his success as a journalist. This same demeanor shows through in his writing. The events in the book are always related back to Cooper’s own personal experiences. The suicide of Cooper’s older brother is a major recurring theme throughout the text that Cooper discusses in depth. The book’s chapters are organized and separated into different places. The chapters are the tsunami in Sri Lanka, The Iraq war, starvation in Niger, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and lastly the aftermath of Katrina. Each of these places bestowed tantalizing experiences that can only be told from Cooper’s individual standpoint. Dispatches From The Edge is a book that speaks directly to us as future professionals of journalism. The book is not a journalistic piece, but instead uses Cooper’s personal career as a tool to explain some of the important issues facing us as a global society. It is this personal realm of the book that makes it so appealing. It is unethical for journalists to include their personal opinions and accounts in their reporting, but through this book Cooper vents his personal observations that are too significant to be
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overlooked. Through Cooper’s own life it is apparent that he feels that journalism has to
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Book Review - Daniel Carter T.A Daniel Stencel JOUR 2601...

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