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10.3.07 Islamic Republic of Pakistan

10.3.07 Islamic Republic of Pakistan - Muhammad Ali Jinnah...

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Islamic Republic of Pakistan 10.3.07 In order to become president, must be islamic Troubles Earthquake Thousands died right on the border of Pakistan US strike Year after earthquake, US fighting talaban in Pakistan Pakistani troops killed daily in their own country as a result Being pushed over by US Baluchistan Least populated but biggest province Many groups seeking independence, resulting in rellion and violence Supreme Court Within the last year, supreme court becoming rebelious Mussarif trying to get rid of chief justice but thousands gathered in the streets and he was reinstated Mussarif may run for presidency once again (Sat), then will resign post as military commander Taliban 225 military kidnapped and held for ransom South Waziristan October 6, 2007 October 18-…..allowed back into country and will run for PM
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Unformatted text preview: Muhammad Ali Jinnah Convinced British that 2 countries need to be created, 1 for Hindus and 1 for Islams 13 mons after est, dies 9-10 (1956) years later constitution formed People Population: 165 mill Infante mortality: 68 deaths/1000 live births Life expectancy: 62 years 3.71 children per woman Punjabi 48%, Sindhi 12%, Siraiki 10%, Pashtu 8%, Urdu 8% Official language is Urdu English unofficial 2 nd language Literacy: 49.9% over the age of 14 can read/write Country geographically divied by ethnic groups, some don’t even want to be apart of the country Economy Per capita income $2,600 (PPP) Structure of Economy Agriculture 22% Industry 26% Services 52% Population below poverty line: 24% Lowest 10% of population controls 4.1% of countries wealth Highest 10 – 27.6%...
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