3rd ILP Ethics Assignment

3rd ILP Ethics Assignment - Ch 12-13 1 What role should the...

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Ch 12-13 1) What role should the Volenti maxim play in sexual morality? The Volenti maxim draws the line in sexual morality between that which is wrong, and that which is not. Because sexual acts between adults requires consent, it alleviates the adults of any wrong. However, if there is not consent by both adults, then there is harm inflicted upon the adult who does not consent. 2) Granting that consent is always necessary to justify sexual practices, is consent also sufficient to justify all sexual practices? Why? Yes, consent is sufficient to justify sexual acts between adults. I personally cannot think of a sexual act, where consent, being necessary, is not also completely sufficient to justify the said act. So long as the act was completely defined within the bounds of the agreement which caused consent, how could it not also be sufficient. I have issues with the books opinion on this, and would prefer they list a case or example to back up this statement. 3) In what sense does rape violate the harm principle? According to the feminist critique that we considered, how is it that this analysis does not go far enough to account for the wrongness of rape? Be specific. Rape violates the harm principle because it an act that is not consensual. However, it must be realized that rape has only recently become viewed as “wrong” and for a long time, and still in many countries, rape is a common thing because of the sexual urges women create and thus they deserve it, or because they have little or no rights compared to me. In these cultures, there is no consent, and it is still wrong when we view it, but in many of these situations, the culture might not view it as such. 4) What is the Victorian View of sexual conduct? The Victorian view found women who enjoyed sex to be unusual and abnormal. Whereas men were supposed to have sex, and it was fine. This was upheld by the belief that men were dominant and brutish creatures, and women were more delicate and frail, thus could not naturally enjoy sex, unless there was something wrong with them. 5) What was Freud’s response to the Victorian principles? Freud had issues with the Victorian response, and believed that women definitely had the capacity for sexual pleasure. However, because that become true, it also meant that because rape involves sexual activity, and women enjoy sexual activity, and through transitive properties of equality, women enjoy rape. So if the victim of the rape was then to speak out about the experience, they are shamefully ‘bragging’ of the situation.
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6) What are Foa’s arguments about the socialization of boys and girls in American culture, and how does this account for our views of sexual morality? It is rather confusing, because girls are urged to refute sexual advances from boys,
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3rd ILP Ethics Assignment - Ch 12-13 1 What role should the...

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