Response on "The Metamorphasis"

Response on "The Metamorphasis" - English 204...

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English 204 Response on “The Metamorphosis” Jacob Hayes Duty is often defined as something that an individual is expected to do by moral or legal obligation. The argument would be rather easy to make that Gregor Samsa was a “dutiful” individual. He works very hard at a job he despises, for a seemingly brutal boss, but he does it because it is his duty. His father’s business has gone bankrupt, his sister is too young and he can’t dare imagine her or her mother working. So Gregor has become the family breadwinner, and now pays off his parent’s debt to his boss by working dutifully in order to support his loving family. Throughout the book, the idea of a sense of duty stays mostly between Gregor and Grete, however it changes hands and sides. First and most obvious is Gregor’s duty to his family. He sees the importance of what he does, and is quite proud of himself for having taken up the station. Although you can tell he isn’t happy with the job he has. He says after paying his family’s debt, he plans
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Response on "The Metamorphasis" - English 204...

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