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EE 3751 Midterm

EE 3751 Midterm - EE 3751 Midterm Spring 2005 1(25 points...

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1 EE 3751 Midterm – Spring 2005 1. (25 points) Write a subroutine, called MENU, to create a screen with the following contents: MENU 1 – ADD REGISTER 2 – DELETE REGISTER 3 – EDIT REGISTER 4 – SORT ENTER CHOICE: The attributes of the whole screen should be set to blue background and yellow foreground. Answer: ; In the DATA Segment MESS DB 20 DUP(‘ ’),‘MENU’, 13,10 DB ‘1 – ADD REGISTER’, 13,10 DB ‘2 – DELETE REGISTER’,13,10 DB ‘3 – EDIT REGISTER’,13,10 DB ‘4 - SORT’,13,10,13,10 DB ‘ENTER CHOICE:$’ ; ... Rest of the program ... MENU PROC NEAR PUSH AX PUSH BX PUSH CX PUSH DX MOV AH, 00H ; CGA Mode MOV AL, 03H INT 10H MOV AH, 07H ; Clear screen with attributes MOV AL, 0 MOV BH, 1EH ; yellow on blue background MOV CH, 0 MOV CL, 0 MOV DH, 24 MOV DL, 79 INT 10H MOV AH, 09H ; Print the MENU LEA DX, MESS INT 21H PUSH DX PUSH CX PUSH BX PUSH AX RET MENU ENDP
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2 2. (25 points) Write a complete program to organize an array called LIST. LIST has 20 byte-sized unsigned integer numbers and the array should be organized by swapping the 0 th
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