Concord - Ashley Jensen Due Hist 2111 TTH 10-11:15 War Era...

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Ashley Jensen Hist 2111, TTH 10-11:15 Due 3-18-08 War Era Concord: Weathering the Storm at All Costs Wars seldom do less than ravage the lands of its belligerents and press its communities to show their true colors. Concord is no exception. In the face of inflation, emigrants from British- invaded towns, and supplying the war with men and provisions, Concord stood up and faced the fire and held out. Though the war was probably not one they would have started on their own, Concord answered the call from its neighboring towns and colonists to rise up and fight the tyrannous empirical practice of taxation without representation. As a community engrossed with the “course of public good,” 1 Concord resisted participating in colonial rebellion, but eventually succumbed to the general will if it’s fellow colonies. One of their first adjustments was the acceptance of displaced colonists from towns that had come under British siege, like Boston. Its quota had been to take in sixty-eight Bostonians, but they instead took in eighty-two. Before the war Concord would have turned aside so many people coming in to settle. Now the newcomers were accepted, some even happily embraced, like the group of Harvard students that relocated to Concord for the 1775-1776 school term. 2
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Concord - Ashley Jensen Due Hist 2111 TTH 10-11:15 War Era...

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