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week4socialization - Kathryn Gunning Rec Thursday 8 am-117...

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Kathryn Gunning Rec: Thursday 8 am—117 Week Four: Socialization: Society in Me Children are our future and the toys they play with now socialize them for tomorrow, toys teach them social skills that they use their entire life. “Socialization is the life long process of learning to become a member of the social world,” (Ballantine and Roberts 2007:94). We start socializing children with toys and games they play with because they need to be ready to be functioning members of society. “The play stage involves a kind of play-acting in which the child is actually “playing” a role” (Ballantine and Roberts 2007: 102). Role taking in the play stage is an important part of children’s socialization they play with other kids and act out familiar roles that they have seen, like house, doctor, or school. When I visited a toy store there were toys such as a doctor set, mini kitchens, and costumes that aid kids in their role
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