Human Communications (Nell)

Human Communications (Nell) - Hayden Shaw 9/17/06...

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Hayden Shaw 9/17/06 Communications Human Communication Human communication is one of the most important things in society today. If there was no communication, then the world would be pretty much a boring place to live. Communications is what make the world so interesting, because there are so many different ways of communication. Communication does not just have to be verbal, like talking, singing, or yelling. It can also be non verbal, like how someone dresses, or how they walk. As one can see, communications is an important thing in society, because it is what makes people attract to one another and what makes the world go round. In the movie Nell, the character Nell has been raised in the woods by her mother who had had a stroke when Nell was just a little girl. Because of the stroke, her mother could not speak correctly, so Nell picked up on how to speak from her mother, making it sound like Nell was speaking another language, or some language of her own. In fact she was speaking english, but no one knew because she has been learning a different form of it for so long. Because she had spent so much time out in the woods by herself and her now dead mother, she did not know how to verbally or nonverbally interact with anyone. Once she began to spend time with the people trying to help her, she was able to start interacting with different people, and by the end was able to go into the city and not get scared of people. Being secluded in the woods for my whole life would have to be one of the worst things that could happen to me. I am an outgoing and friendly person, so not being able to meet new people or even talk to more than one person would be an awful thing for me. I have felt isolated before, and I’ve been around people for 18 years, so I have no idea how I would feel if I had been isolated for that long and then finally had to
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Human Communications (Nell) - Hayden Shaw 9/17/06...

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