Crash - Hayden Shaw 10/2/06 Communications Crash Society...

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Hayden Shaw 10/2/06 Communications Crash Society has been faced with many problems in the past, and they seem to not only stay around, but multiply into more problems. Such problems consist of race, gender, and a couple of others. These issues have intensified over the years, and have created many more little issues as well. In the movie Crash , all of these problems are touched on, and they make the viewer realize that these problems can never really go away. These issues are causing problems because society can never agree on what its right and wrong. The issue of race has always been one of the biggest issues in society. It started with slavery, and ever since then, white people have felt superior. Society is starting to get better with treating everyone the same, but there are still many instances where race becomes an issue. In the movie, a couple gets their car stolen, so they decide to get their locks changed on their house, just in case. The person changing the locks is Mexican, making the wife uneasy. She believes that he is going to go give out a copy of the keys to some gang so they can just come right back and break into the house. The wife is thinking this because that is what the stereotype is for a Mexican with a shaved head and tattoos. Once the locksmith finishes he drops both pairs of keys on the table, showing the wife that she had nothing to worry about. The wife automatically thought that he was a bad guy, just because of the way he looked. During the 18 years that I have been alive, I
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Crash - Hayden Shaw 10/2/06 Communications Crash Society...

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