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Music Video Analysis

Music Video Analysis - against humanity and the planet” a...

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Hayden Shaw 11/24/06 Communications Music Video Analysis The music video that I chose to analyze is Bin Laden, by Immortal Technique ft Mos Def. This video has a very strong message to it. The video has a clear statement saying that Bin Laden didn’t knock down the twin towers, and that it was Bush himself. The chorus of the song goes “Bin Laden didn’t blow up the projects, it was you nigga. Bush knocked down the towers.” Like I said before, it is a very strong message that has caused a lot of controversy. The music video is just a bunch of pictures that have to do with September 11 th , President Bush, and Osama Bin Laden. Although this video is filled with negative pictures of President Bush, these are the four that stood out the most. They are: pictures of the planes hitting the towers, the image of all the states that voted for Bush are represented with the swastika, a wanted poster of President Bush for “crimes
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Unformatted text preview: against humanity and the planet”, a newspaper article claiming that the US let taleban men escape, and a poster of Bush that says “Stop Him Before He Kills Again: And he works for you!”. The research shows me that most of these images were real, and the rest were made up of anti-Bush citizens. This video is somewhat historically accurate because many of the pictures are real, and many people feel the same way as the artists of this song. I am not sure if I agree with the focus of this song. I feel as though it would be extremely hard to pull September 11 th off as the president, but I have seen many things that have shown me otherwise. I guess I lean more to the side that it was an inside job, just because there is a lot of convincing evidence out there....
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