030507 - HIST278 030507 REVIEW I Sun Fo(Sun Ke talking...

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HIST278 030507 REVIEW I. Sun Fo (Sun Ke) talking about changes that the KMT has brought about – commercial centers, knocking down the city walls and temples (knocking down the support of the imperial government – heaven’s rule.) Integrating the people into the nation, teaching them how to participate in the nation, etc. II. Shift from the city as the center of imperial power to commercialized center. More Westernized – shift from the idea of the legitimacy of the government. The government promotes economic development – used to be promoting economy in the rural eras, now promoting economy in the cities (still with us now.) a. Enlightenment thinking – rearrange the physical environment, scientific techniques (survey) to plan things out, to make things better – for the future. b. Policemen on the streets – not only law but ethical statues (no spitting on the streets, proper clothing). Even warlord governments around the country are trying to influence people’s behavior and their outlook on the world (anti-foot binding laws, laws to cut your hair – especially ques) III. Increasing division between the city and the rural eras (1916-1928 warlord era) contradiction that continues even after 1928 when the KMT (nominally) takes over the whole country. A lot of focus and investment placed on the urban planning in the cities (investment started in the Qing but the KMT takes it to a new level.) a. In 1928 they try and take it to the rest of the country but they still focus on the urban areas / cities IV. Why is the KMT in Canton? a. They got kicked out by Yuan Shi-Kai (1912-1913) – electing provincial then national representatives then eventually a president. They got kicked out and deemed “illegal” b. No blueprint / plans that would ensure success. The visions led to the conflict of two groups – democratic versus more authoritarian government. The authoritarian vision was shared by many others (not only Yuan Shi-Kai, but Sun Yat-Sen’s father) – not convinced that China was ready for electoral democracy. It goes onto influence the KMT as well as the CCP in the future.
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030507 - HIST278 030507 REVIEW I Sun Fo(Sun Ke talking...

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