031207 - HIST278 031207 REVIEW I. May Fourth Movement a....

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HIST278 031207 REVIEW I. May Fourth Movement a. Important time for a few people who would become very important figures II. Looking at how people/societies adapt to rapidly changing times III. Continuing to look at media and it’s influence a. Right to control media – “for the good of the people” b. For political motives IV. The New Culture Movement a. Building a new society, experimenting with different “-isms”, trying to figure out what would be best for individuals/society as a whole b. What shaped the movement? i. Japan – emergence of Japan as an important factor, not only in foreign relations but domestic politics as well ii. Anti-Confucian movement – attacking tradition (Chen Duxiu) 1. Modernity versus tradition – costs versus benefits iii. Warlord era from monetary gain scholarship 1. Spaces/places emerging within society to spread their ideas/exposed to new ideas (e.g.: universities) iv. Both sexes interacting in public now c. May Fourth Movement – new invigoration of the ideas that Qiu Jin had begun OVERVIEW I. Tracing Mao’s emergence d. Born in 1893 to a well-off rural family in Hunan i. Hunan – Ding Ling, Xie Bingying e. Even during the warlord period there was a provincial education system in Hunan – people like Mao, Ding Ling, etc got to go to these schools. They were introduced to new ideas there, Liang Qichao, Kang Youwei etc. i. Exposed in the provincial school system to teachers who had been educated abroad. ii.
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031207 - HIST278 031207 REVIEW I. May Fourth Movement a....

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