032907 - 032907 HIST278 REVIEW 1790-1839 Weakening of...

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032907 HIST278 REVIEW 1790-1839 Weakening of powerful imperial government (I.G.) - Internal revolt; changes in global economy 1830-1870s Near-destruction of I.G. - Opium wars; internal rebellions 1860-1895 Reform (self-strengthening) - adopt technology; don’t change basics 1895-1911 radical reform & revolution - Qing reforms (new policies, constitutional monarchy) - transform i.g. into constitutional monarchy, developmental state One thing that ignites/unites the political goals – fukoku kyohei; fuguo qianbing: strong nation Republican Era: 1912-1949 Failed Republic: 1912-1913 Yuan Shikai’s Rule: 1913-1916 o People with competing ideas of what China should be, different views of what had to be accomplished. Yuan Shikai with a very centralized view of what state building should be. “Warlords”: 1915-1928 o Rebellion against Yuan Shikai’s assumption of “emperor” Nanjing Decade: 1928-1937 o Nationalists Decade, they start to reverse some important trends and start to for the first time really make a good effort at achieving the “fuguo qianbing” (rich country, strong army) Tactics being used behind the United Front Going into cities, mobilizing people through labor unions, mobilizing rural people – makes the Northern Expedition successful. Labor unions undermine local authority – so they can come in and exert their power. Assert control – tactic to overthrow/overcome the Communists. Highlander – “there can be only one”. Explains purge, using any type of tactic necessary to make it happen. CKS also used gangsters to kidnap wealthy people to
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032907 - 032907 HIST278 REVIEW 1790-1839 Weakening of...

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