041207 - 041209 I. April 12th, 1927 Beginning of the purge...

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041209 April 12 th , 1927 – Beginning of the purge I. Yan’an Period a. Mao’s ideas about mobilizing rural people, put into action – peasants associations – used to implement / reducing land rents, etc. redistribution of resources but it’s not a radical “I’m taking your land and might shoot you while doing it” approach. Rural revolution techniques and ideology. b. Mao thought, not just a few ideas from leaders, thought from the leader. c. Ideological training d. Appeal of the party increasing especially to youth II. Rectification Campaign a. Those not serving the Party or the people were brought under control – reeducated, self-criticism, criticism in front of crowds – heavy psychological trauma, this process is one of the ones used to control and ensure ideological purity. III. Timeline a. 1949: Official Declaration of the People’s Republic 1952 1952-1957 1950-1957: Campaigns in rural areas that relate to urban areas IV. Hiroshima changed the face of the war a. Mao had not been told about the bombs, but the Soviets had. Soviets come down into Manchuria – at first the CCP had a quite a bit of an advantage. Started to send troops up into Manchuria. Movement of Communist troops up North, but also Nationalist troops airlifted to costal areas (often U.S. Transports) – jockeying for position. b. First clashes from 1945-1948 mostly in the North i. The U.S. sent fairly important people c. By late 1948 the CCP moving down out of Manchuria – significant advantage over CKS, they were on the retreat – moving towards Taiwan. V.
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041207 - 041209 I. April 12th, 1927 Beginning of the purge...

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