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Red book – Lin Biao’s picture taken out because he was trying to jumpstart the cult – counterrevolutionary; may have been trying to stage a coup in 1971 – Mao was worried about upcoming visit by Nixon, and worried about Sino-American relations, Lin Biao died in a plane crash in Mongolia Why did people respond to Mao’s call for revolution, what caused it to go out of hand, what were the results of the cultural revolution? 1966: year given for outbreak of CR, aftermath of Great Leap Forward Mao had little to do with day-to-day affairs, criticisms began to appear towards him in 1964/1965. Jiang Qing, his wife, and his general, began to say there were capitalists and counterrevolutionaries in the bureaucracies, used this to shoehorn themselves into power August 1966 – Red Guards starting to emerge, Mao was trying to use them to target members in the Party. By 1969, Liu Shaoqiu dies of pneumonia – he was the first Mao successor to go. Hu, Lin Biao, all go. 4 years ago first successful transition of power 1967-1968 – seizures of power; government of locales were taken over by Red Guards, but in the end, the army is called in to impose order, not really a revolution from political standpoint Rei Yang – primary evidence, how should we treat it, what should we pay attention to o Why was her family so well off in the 1940’s – tangentially related to the Qing dynasty, Manchurian descent, her grandfather was high official in Ministry of Punishments, but most important is that her uncle is a merchant (many Manchurians were impoverished, so can’t draw a direct line from official well-off) o Good witness to time period – not unique, but certainly different. She went to school in Beijing, where first Red Guards came out (middle school of Mao). They felt like they had rights to stir things up – sense of entitlement. o Young people never had previous regime experience. They were raised on nationalist thought but never got to participate and become revolutionaries until then. o
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041907 - – – – – – – – – – Red book –...

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