042607 - 042607 HIST 278 I. Nationalists got off to a bad...

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042607 HIST 278 I. Nationalists got off to a bad start in Taiwan a. February 28 th incident b. Profound divide between the people who were native Taiwanese vs. the people who came from mainland China waishengren II. By mid-1970s some important changes were taking place a. Nationalist Party (KMT) began to admit more and more Taiwanese members b. Started to make an impact on the local level elections that were open to people dangwai – by the mid 1980s they became a real political party c. Martial law was ended in 1987 d. Early 1990s tremendous debates over Taiwan’s political future – accompanied by student protests, and in the end the National Assembly voted to amend the constitution so that the president would be directly elected by the population. By the 2000s, the Assembly voted itself out of existence more or less – Qing era institution in place until 2005 III. What explains this transition from authoritarian party dictatorship to multi-party democracy? a. Two important reasons – why did it happen, and to be critical readers – to pick out the main points and assess them b. Businessmen – emerging from the economic boom to support the candidates they wanted i. Not only that they had money but that they used their finances to publish political journals – to foster discussion / open forum c. Conscious decision of the KMT to embrace a change i. What’s the incentive / pressure to change? ii. 1905 – Revolutionary Alliance created – idea of tutelage was enshrined first within the Revolutionary Alliance that becomes the KMT – people know about it. The ideal needs
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042607 - 042607 HIST 278 I. Nationalists got off to a bad...

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